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Android App SHAREit for PC Download

Transferring Files with Shareit

We all know that Bluetooth is always very handy when it came to transfer a file, photo, video etc. But the fact is that the Bluetooth is too slow transfer files to another phone.Today I bring here a perfect application that is able to make this transfer at full speed. Second to the application developer, it can be faster by up to 200 times more than the Bluetooth.


The powerful application is the Shareit that makes the whole procedure using your Wi-Fi connection, more just remembering that does not need you to have internet on your phone. You just need to download and install Shareit on both sending and receiving device. According to some sources this feature comes by default in Android 6.0 Marshmallow Google.


Using the application is simple. Just enter the link of official website, download Shareit and choose a lanyard version with your phone, install the application on both phones.To configure the application is simple; click it, select the avatar and it is ready for use.On opening the Shareit, you find send and receive buttons. To send a file, click send and choose what you want to send to another device, and other mobile click Receive wait and accept.

If you need solid information on this subject, go on  appsfreeforpc to know how to install shareit free on your laptop

Now just see the fastest transfer you've ever seen between two mobile devices.A file that I sent to another mobile phone took 6 minutes and a few seconds on the Bluetooth and the Shareit took only 14 seconds, see the difference.

Shareit: Transfer files from iPhone to Windows Phone

The Shareit application is a free tool available in Windows Play Store and iTunes. It allows you to transfer your photos, videos, music and contacts from your iPhone to your Windows phone and vice versa. All that the software need is a Wi-Fi connection; moreover it comes to the whole process for you.

To start using the Shareit to transfer data from your iPhone to your Windows phone, follow these steps:

    Download the Shareit for your iPhone


    Download the Shareit for your Windows phone into


    Connect both your devices on a common Wi-Fi network, your home network for example. Start Shareit on both devices.


    Select the "Send" option on the main screen of the application on your iPhone and select "Receive" on the main screen of your Windows phone.


    For transferring iPhone Data for Windows Phone, select the files you want to transfer from your iPhone to your Windows phone and click "Download". Repeat from Step 4 whenever you want to send more data.


    Easy to use, allows you to send high-speed data without having to do anything.
    Allows you to use Shareit for PC in order to transfer data.


    You cannot transfer messages or calendars.